• Skyler Neal

5 Simple Ways To "Self Care" In College

1. SLEEP!! Sleep some more, some more, and finally sleep again.

I'm the first to say that I've seriously switched from a no-napper to at least a 2 times a day napper. Netflix is good and all but sleep is sooo much better. Towards the beginning of the semester I sometimes found myself falling asleep during homework. That's not good because I'd wake up three hours later, completely disoriented, not to mention still having a load of homework left. If I find myself falling asleep now, I make sure to listen to my body and set a timer for 20-30 minutes to get some rest. Even if I don't fall asleep, the practice of shutting my eyes and slowing down is so refreshing. In other words, I'm much more productive when I listen to my sleep needs.

2. Don't Burn Out Just Workout

I hear over and over again "I don't have time to workout" or "I'm too tired to workout" and honestly I get it. However, making exercise a part of my daily routine has been a really positive change in my life. As some of you already know, I deal with anxiety quite often but I find that going to a really intense cycling class at least three times a week is exponentially better for my mental health versus just powering through all of my homework and quietly dying inside. I make time for it because both my mental and physical health is equivalent in value to having a high GPA. Instead of burning out, just workout! Ooo I cringed at that sorry but I'm a marketing major so I can't help it.

3. Eat Healthy Blah Blah But Like Seriously

You fuel your mind with the food you eat. If you're eating Velveeta macaroni and oreos everyday, while still maintaining a high GPA and a social life, congratulations, you are an alien species and/or a superhuman. If I do that, I immediately become an old lady crippled with fatigue and overall grumpiness much to the dismay of the people around me. To avoid this, I drink some form of greenery everyday aka smoothies because I don't trust myself to make a good salad. A salad can either be really good or really, really bad and with the sad lack of options we have at the cafeteria salad bar, I cannot bring myself to physically order a salad. In other news, I eat protein and carbs for lunch, and something relatively green for dinner like soup or avocados with tomatoes on top. Don't get me wrong though, I love a good Blaze pizza on a weekend night.

4. Stay Clean = Good Hygiene

I hate to say this but some people at college literally never shower or clean up after themselves. It's nasty and you smell if you don't shower so please please please... shower. Oh, and brush your teeth. Yes you have time for all of those things I promise you.

5. Write Down What You're Thankful For

When I'm feeling extra down, a sure way to pick myself up is writing down what I'm thankful for. For example, today I'm grateful for my friends here at uni because they make everyday so much better. I'm also thankful for the fact that it's November, aka my birthday month, your girl is turning 20 years old, I'm so old gaWed.

Anyways, have a good week guys, I have a math midterm coming up so please pray for me or cast a spell or something because I could definitely use all the help I can get. :)

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