• Skyler Neal

How To Not Go Broke in Iceland

1. Book a budget airline like WOW airlines.

Without even going on WOW I thought their name was kind of ironic, considering the plane tickets were pretty cheap. When I finally arrived at my seat on the plane the only difference is that they don't have TV's built into the seats...fine with me.

2. Take the bus instead of taxis or hitchhike.

Services like Uber and Lyft are illegal here in Iceland, therefore, you might be tempted to take a taxi if you're used to that level of comfort... DON'T! Taxis, like many things here, are very expensive, the reason for that is because gas prices are very high. Catch the bus, using the Stræto app and save yourself some money. If you're impatient, try hitch-hiking...seriously. Hitch-hiking is pretty popular in Europe in general so why not try it? It's like Uber but free.

3. Look into Airbnb or hostels before you book a hotel (make sure that they have a kitchen).

You'll be thanking yourself after the trip if you find a place to stay with a kitchen. You can buy your own groceries and cook your own meals which will save you A LOT of money. Practically everything in Iceland is imported therefore you'll be spending more than you anticipated if you decide to go out every meal. Another option is to choose two meals where you eat more to make up for a meal you skip in order to save some cash.

4. Don't go crazy drinking.

Iceland has one of the highest alcohol taxes in the world and it's safe to say that if you go out binge-drinking one night, you're not only going to wake up with a hangover but also a nasty bill. That said, don't shy away from trying real Icelandic beer because it's pretty good. I would highly recommend drinking it while bathing in one of the many hot baths they have here in Iceland.