• Skyler Neal

My Back To School Favorites W/CaseApp!

1. CaseApp

I'm so excited to be working with CaseApp again because their phone cases are so good! I mean not just design-wise, they're built really well. On a daily basis I drop my phone about three times but thanks to CaseApp, it's never been broken! I only endorse products that I truly believe in and CaseApp is one of those companies that makes really good products at a reasonable price. Not to mention there are hundreds of designs to choose from so you can definitely find your own individualistic style. You can even upload your own design. I'm not going to go on and on about how much I love CaseApp because that's cheesy and I personally hate it when people mooch and mooch on brands. I will promise you though, making a purchase at CaseApp is not a waste of your money, take it from someone who is constantly dropping her phone and wasting her money. Use code: 20WILDERSKIES to get 20% off any purchase at CaseApp.

2. Matcha

So if you've been following my Instagram stories you probably know about the fact that I LOVE coffee. Here's the thing though, I rarely have more than two cups a day, why? Because of the headaches/sick feeling, I get if I have too much caffeine. One cup in the early morning and one in the late morning is usually enough to keep me awake, however, I still used to fall into a slump around 3-5 in the afternoon every day. All I'd want to do is close my eyes and take a nap. Whether this is due to lack of sleep or something else I don't know. What I do know, is that drinking matcha around this time every day has improved my afternoons immensely. It gives me a natural and gentle energy boost to keep me awake until I go to bed. I'm not officially endorsing any products here but the brand I usually use is Sencha Naturals, which already has a really good reputation. I'm a member of Thrive Market which is where I get mine but you can find them at Whole Foods, Amazon, and even their website. Highly recommended to get you through those afternoon study sessions without the caffeine quakes.

3. Wave Spray by Shore Soap Co.

If you're anything like me you are lazy af about hair care and like the more natural look of beachy waves over airtight curls or flattened straight hair. Over the last few months, I've been spraying Wave Spray by Shore Soap Co. after I put leave-in conditioner into my hair. I really like it because it's super easy to use for lazy people like me, and it's an all natural product produced locally straight out of Rhode Island. I only know about it because they sell it at the boutique I work at and you can bet I used those samples ;).

4. Movie "Eight Grade"

What a masterpiece this movie is. It's so raw and real not to mention relatable in some aspects. I'm absolutely in love with Burnham's music and cinematography choices which really solidifies its genre as an Indie flick. I mean it's an A24 film (Ladybird) so you know it'll be pretty good. What was really interesting in this film for me was the subject of technology and its constant reference to what it means to have a social life. My middle school years ended before Snapchat became big, in fact, I don't think I even got an Instagram account until the end of eighth grade. Watching its effect on the kids in the film and Elsie Fisher was really impactful. It made me feel lucky that the social media world didn't really take off for me until I graduated from middle school. This means there are no cringy photos for you to look at in my Instagram feed unless you count the ones I'm posting now hehe. I'm rambling but I would definitely watch this movie if you didn't peak in middle school and if you did... sorry?

5. Poke Pop of Portland, Maine

To all my Mainers out there this one's for you. Occasionally we vacationlanders need an escape just as much as the Massholes do, but what to do when you're a broke teen/twenty-something? Go to Poke Pop Portland. Walking in there you feel like you've been transported to NYC or LA because it's quite modern compared to many restaurants here. Most importantly the food is incredible. I get the same thing every time: a sushi burrito with tuna, carrot, cucumber, avocado, fish eggs, and kimchi aioli. The bubble tea there is really good as well, my favorite is matcha of course. I feel like I should make a blog post with all of my favorite restaurants in Portland, thoughts? I mean Bon Appetite magazine chose us as the 2018 Restaurant City of the Year so you know we've got the eats.

Have a lovely first semester my friends, more blog posts to come soon!