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My JUNE Favorites + GIVEAWAY!

Is it really the start of summer? Yes, it is, and I've never been more excited to spend my summer at home in Maine, the best place to avoid 100-degree weather while still bathing in the sunshine. I've challenged myself to complete my summer bucket list before I begin a new chapter: college. With the help of a few things I'm about to list, I think I might actually be able to do it. Now, I know everyone's tired of Instagrammers preaching about products they don't even know much about, just to get a paycheck. And while some of the brands I'm going to talk about are collaborating with me on this post, I want everyone to know that I have a genuine love for these products and I would never purposefully mislead anyone to spend there hard earned money on products I'm promoting here. I've said no to a couple proposals from brands for this reason. That said, I'm really excited to talk about these products on my June favorites list. Starting with my new favorite watch brand: JORD.

1. JORD Frankie Series Watch in Zebra & Navy

This minimalistic watch has been the perfect accessory for all of my summer outfits. When I was picking out my watch, I wanted something that reminded me of the Maine coastline and the beach aka where I spend most of the time in the summer if I'm not working. The deep Navy color of the watch face I associate with all of these things. The silver details make it look as though it's a compass, ready to be used on the next sailing expedition. The beautiful zebra wood reminds me of the unique wood that is used on schooners, setting sail into the sunset. The band of wood is one of the more thicker watches of the JORD collection which I purposefully chose because I wanted to make a statement. While the thinner band watches are feminine and beautiful, too me the Frankie series watch says, "I mean business".

The watch features sapphire crystal glass applied to the watch face itself, and quartz crystal if you're looking for a little sparkle to your summer days. To remove or put on the watch, simply push the buttons on the deployment buckle. That comes in handy if you find yourself jumping into large bodies of water quite often ;). P.S. if you find yourself the target of excessive splashing sitting poolside, not to worry, the watch is splash proof just not submergible. This wooden watch is on my June favorites list for those reasons. . Check out the links below to shop JORD, but before you do, make sure you enter my GIVEAWAY for $100.00 off your purchase of a JORD watch.


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2. Vellabox Subscription Service

Excuse my french but good candles are kind of the shit, you know? And a monthly candle subscription box? Oh, YES. I love the ritual of turning on my fairy lights in the evening, lighting a candle, and cozying up to a good book before going to bed. A Vellabox subscription saves me the hassle of going out each month to find a new, seasonal candle. I trust them to pick out the best of the best without demanding a hefty price for the comfort of a well-made candle. Each of their monthly subscription candles is hand poured, made with love from each different artisan. All of the candles are non-toxic and lead-free, so you can be sure about what you're breathing in.

They have three subscription options as follows:

1. Lucerna ($10/month): 1 4oz candle & special gift, about 25 hr burn time.

2. Ignis ($20/month): 1 8oz candle & special gift, about 50 hr burn time.

3. Vivere ($30/month): 1 4oz and 1 8oz candle & special gift, about 75 hr burn time.

If your anything like me, picking out a new candle per season is one of your favorite things to do every couple of months, well not to worry, each Vellabox is themed depending on the season. Go ahead and breath a sigh of relief hahaha. Seriously though, I love the idea of this subscription service and I know it's going to save me a lot of time and money. Best of all, if you really love a certain candle that came in your subscription box, you can purchase it individually in their online store. I love that Vellabox features small artisanal brands thereby giving business to small businesses over bigger stores. I think that may be my favorite thing about it actually.

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3. LEMONCOCCO Fresco Italiana

Oh, Roma, how I miss you and our moped escapades. Luckily, I have Lemoncocco to remind me of the good times we had together. With hints of coconut and lemonade, I'm completely in love. When they sent me a couple of cases to try I was so excited to drink it and I'm happy to say, I wasn't disappointed. Unfortunately, my mother also seems to enjoy Lemoncocco and therefore is draining my supply. Did I mention my mom's a health nut? With only 90 calories per can, you can still treat yourself without feeling guilty. Coconut is also known to be a very good source of hydration so I'm really glad I found Lemoncocco because I hate coconut water. This way my tastebuds will be happy while staying hydrated during the summer heat. Thank you Lemoncocco for sending me this awesome drink :).

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