• Skyler Neal

SIMPLE RECIPE: Cherry Bombe Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie bowls are my absolute favorite thing to eat on a sunny summer morning and I can sit out on my deck, bask in the sun, and eat this delicious Cherry Bombe Smoothie Bowl. My recipe is super simple and easy because I don't have a lot of time in the morning to make my breakfast. It's super healthy, requires little effort, and tastes amazing so enjoy!


- 1 Cup Frozen cherries (my favorite kind are found at Trader Joes)

- 1 Frozen banana

- 1/4 Cup Almond Milk (or any other non-diary milk)

- Drizzle of honey

- Anything crunchy to go on top (I put Grape-Nuts on mine but you could use granola)

Optional Supplements:

- Collagen Powder (found at any natural/organic grocery store or online). I love collagen powder because it supports hair/nail growth as well as helping my skin look amazing.

- Mucina (found at Anima Mundi) which is a natural dopamine bean powder. Dopamine is linked to higher levels of joy within the brain.

- Cerebrum Adaptogenic Brain Tonic (found at Anima Mundi) supposedly supports memory and sharper thinking.


- Pour frozen cherries, frozen banana, almond milk, honey, and optional supplements into Cuisinart Food Processors or high powered blender.

- Turn on and mix until there are no chunks and it turns into an ice-cream-like texture.

- Pour into bowl and sprinkle crunchy topping on top of it.

- Enjoy it!

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