• Skyler Neal

#Springspo Outfits for the Warmer Days

Top: Madewell Necklace: Salt Shaker Beads Sunglasses: Forever 21 Bralette : Forever 21

These days, at least in New England, the grass is a little greener but cold rain often pours upon the soil, chilling the earth and our bodies. Seeing a lot of Instagram posts from Coachella makes me want to go California so badly and wear weird sunglasses around like I'm Kurt Cobain. I question why society get's swept up in these trends and I wonder how it happens. I to am swept up the funky sunglasses trend which by no means is a bad thing, I just wonder how trends begin and the psychology behind them.

The shirt I'm wearing is from Madewell the sister company to J.Crew. I like it's lightweight feel and of course the nautical stripes are very popular around the coastal area I live in. There's something about those stripes that remind me of summer, that's probably why I'm wearing it.

Top & Neck scarf: Madewell Jeans: Topshop

Like funky retro, sunglasses I've been loving the neck scarf look, especially since it's so versatile. I think at this point, it should be a staple in anyone's closet. I like the off-shoulder look featured in a lot of summer/spring catalogues these days. The trend reports say there will be a shift from off-shoulder tops to one-should tops within the next year. I'm sticking with this one for now. Also, I was cold when I took this picture. I'm so tired right now writing this blog post ahhhhhh.

Top: Urban Outfitters Sunnies: Forever 21 Jeans: Topshop

Blablablah boho you get it, still cute though.

Top: Topshop Necklaces: Lulu's & Salt Shaker Beads

There's something about the spring that has me gravitating towards things with frills and interesting textures. I leave you with a little poetry...

And as the rain fell upon her hands,

a new chapter began.