• Skyler Neal

The Show You NEED To Watch This Spring

Ok ok, I know it's not Spring yet and I may be jinxing myself into a stretched out Winter but in a need for warmer weather I've decided to write this post. Maybe it's just me, but I tend to gravitate towards shows that sort of encapsulate my idea of whatever season we're in, especially when it's spooky season because there's lots of good stuff that comes out around then. As for Spring, on the other hand, I wasn't so sure. The only holiday I can think of is Easter, and well, I'm not committed to that. So, after little thought, I've decided that Spring is a season of refreshment after a period of cold, dry air and exam after exam. Spring is the opening ceremony to Summer and as such, we should use our time to be inspired and recharged before the late summer nights ensue. That said, I've picked GOOD GIRLS as the show that I think, could put a little bounce back into your walk to classes. That or it'll make you sleep through your morning classes because it’s that good. We shall see! While this may be a sponsored post, I would never post about anything I didn’t love. That said, I genuinely LOVE this show. I was able to watch it on Hulu last year and I didn’t stop until I finished season two, wishing that season three was already out and waiting for me. Well, that time has come. The wait is over and it is here.

Season three will start soon after the events that ended season two. Our favorite (good) girls, Beth, Ruby, and Annie are ready to kick some ass and build an empire (like, same!?). They have one mantra that they stand by, often putting them at risk and making for a very entertaining season, that is, cash is queen! Rio, a controversial hottie, is a fallen king at the beginning of season three and tensions will rise as Beth and the girls start building their own empire.

What trouble will these Good Girls find themselves in next? Mistakes will be made, family loyalty will be put to the test, but the final question is, will they get the bag? Be sure to tune in on NBC Sundays 10/9c or online at NBC and Hulu to see how the girls will build their empire! Be sure to get the popcorn ready because things are surely going to pop off.